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Hot Wife Tara

17 March 22

This new interactive story from "Lesson of Passion" series will be about married couple of Tara and Harry. Being married for 12 years has obviosuly cooled down their sexual life a little so now they are into interesting experiments. For example on the upcoming birthday party Tara will be at the night club where Harry will join her pretending to be atotal stranger... but how this story will end depends on your decisions from now on since this game has several different endings!

Devoted Wife

16 December 22

A visual novel about a married couple. A devoted wife solves her husband's problems by having sex with strangers. As funny as it may sound, it is true. In this gameyou will find many erotic scenes where you will watch your character having sex with various strangers without knowing that they are strangers. The game begins with how you get to know the main character. She introduces herself as Lilith and tells you that she isa prostitute. You start a conversation with her, offering her your help.

The Hotwife

20 January 23

A visual novel in which you learn about the adventures of a wife. She loves sex and cheats on her husband. As always, it's only in fairy tales. In reality, it's not so romantic. And the wife even cheats on her husband with his friend. And she fucks her mistress and her husbandwith him. In my opinion, this is not right. But the storyline is interesting. The wife's past and her life. This is where you can find out the details. I liked the heroine, specifically her appearance, her behavior. And the fact that she is not trying to justify herself in any way, and talks about her life unvarnished. Sometimes that is very interesting, especially for men.

ELEANOR: lovin’ wifey or dirty superslut

22 March 18

In this new interactive story from "Lesson of Passion" seriesthe main heorine will be hot looking woman named Eleanor. She is married but as it usually happens the feelings got colder after so many years so when the other man appears in Eleanor's life who seems capable of igniting the fire of loveonce again she ends up in front of pretty tough choice - to stay loyal to her husband or to go cheating on him like never before! And it will be you who will help Eleanor to make this hard decision and even if not directly then through making many choices here and there all around the story. These decisions will bring you to one of few different ending so not only these choices really matter but also the game has high replayability thanks to that.

Kim: the Cuckold Wifey

3 June 18

Kim is hot looking milf with quite fuckable curves. And luckily for you she is never considered herself being faithfull to her husband Carl which means she has lost of sexual adventures on her own. One of those adventures involving her fitness instructor named Mike you are going to enjoy in this game. In the process you will be making some choices that will affect Kim's mood one way or another and lead the whole story to one of its possible endings. Ofcourse you can replay it later to get another ending as it usually happens in games from"Lesson of Passion" series. And like in other games here you can once again to enjoy wonderful graphic style made with using great cg models and interriors. By teh way other games you can always find on our website!


3 June 18

Friends William and Pierre had a bet about UK departure. Pierre set his wife and he dropped. Now they all are going to meet each other.

Nympho Wife [Beta]

21 June 18

First of all - this game is demo version. So in case you will like it then then go to developer's website where you will find full version which is not only will have three (!) Romancable characters but also have an improved and updated fuckfest scenes as well. The genre of this game is not surprising at all - this is a visual novel. And as it should be with visual novel games you will get a quality art, a lot of dialogs and a momenst of choice where you will decide on where the story will go next. And don't forget that this is hentai game so the very first choice that you will have to do in this game will be between"Cum inside her" and"Pull out"! Also you can skip all teh dialogs if you are here only for hentai scenes yet you still will have to make choices so try not to skip all the dialogs at least during your very first walkthrough.


30 June 18

Until her husband is snoring and snoring wife waits. She began to rub on on the jar and took Jenny from the jar. Flied out semen just and inside her head afterwards Jenny.

Jizm Shot

15 July 18

Whenever your dick is on his mind it is far better for you personally. He's got a ton larger dream how to produce your wife touch faking as a small nice pup. And your spouse will probably be unsteady to adopt him.

Kitsumi: The Cheating Wifey

3 April 21

Today's narration from the 3D interactive game flash can focus on Kitsumi, a horny Asian doll who is married, however does not stop her from slapping around if she desires to and who she desires to! Kitsumi doesn't simply deceive her wife-she's conjointly a spoiled made bitch. That works very well as a result of her lustful options. For instance, once the TV is cracked, she will be able to decision during a handyman to repair it. And once she likes him. Well, he is planning to need to take excellent care of not only the cracked TV, however conjointly not one flip within the heat - nothing he desires or not. The narrative is about up as a visible book with some pretty wise 3D models, however some times it'll allow you to select from some choices or perform some ordinary mini-games once it involves some hot action scenes. If raw Oriental wifey is that the theme - you are most likely presently enjoying this game.

Flawless Wifey 1

14 May 21

New interactive story which will display you that even a ordinary housewife can have a wonderful sex-life once she will begin to explore it. So if you like erotic games with characters development through the story, quest-like gameplay and 3D CG graphics style then you defintely should begin playing this game right now. The main heroine of this story is Elanor. She is 27 years old and last five of those years she has spend being Mike's wife. Ofcourse at the beginning these were a magical ttimes but after few years it is demonstrable that Mike is mor einterested in his career than in pleasing his wife. And this is something that Elanor is planning to change... If you happene dto stuck in some scene then try to type n the word"duty" to get a hint on what to do next (whenever it is possible).

Wifey Wanna Baby

4 February 22

There is a married couple who are planing to have a baby yet the husband's sexual fetish is making it a big problem - this guy named Geroge is getting excited only when watching at his wifey getting fucked by someone else's big and hard cock! And yes, this will be your chance to make a good thing and to help this family to get what they wantby... by fucking the wifey ofcourse! But not everything will be so simple and during this story you will need to make a set of choices and decisions and you never know how exactly it will end. Yet we really hope that you want to figure it out! Now meet Geroge, then get to his place and meet his wifeand... well, and then act depending on the upcoming situations! The game is not very long so probably you may want to replay it with alternative choices.

Weekend with Bradleys

5 July 18

In this game you will get the opprtunity to spend this weekend with the Bradley family. And don't worry - it won;t be some silly story about family reunion because this game is from"Lesson of Passion" series which mean sthat the major point of the menu you will probably get in the bedroom... But lets meet our main characters first. So you will be playing as Danny who was working pretty hard and productive that is quiet latley so no wonde rthat his boss - Mr Bradley - has not only noticed the guy but also invited him to spend the weekend at his big and fancy mansion! And don't worry - besides you two there will be other guests such as Brooke (Mr Bradley's secretary) and Melissa (Mr Bradley's wife). So the question that you will have to think while having the dinner is just one - which one of teh sweethearts you want to fuck first?

Voodoo Dick

6 July 18

If you are scared that your wife will cheat on you while you will be gone on business trip you should buy a voodoo dick. All you have to state:"voodoo dick, my pussy!" But you need to be careful what you say.

Desire and Conformity Part 2

7 July 18

This game ill continue the story from"Desire and Submission" about Alancy and her adventures in the Malfort Castle where she lives after she has married Florian. Probably you remeber that Florian has a set of quite special requirements to his new wife and even had to teach her some basic rules of obedience. In this game he will not only keep training Alancy for new tricks but even will make an attempt to presnet her to his closest friends during one very unique party. As a player you will help Alancy to pass all the tests so she could become the wife that Florian was dreaming about. It is suggested to check"how to play" tutorial if you have not played games from this studio before and obviously it is strongly recommended to play the part one first.


21 April 23

While for some couples living in a marriage for a long time is a blessing for others it is the time when the only thing that is growing is their doubts. Thsi visual novel i stold form the perspective of a partner who keeps asking himself about how ideal his choice was. This plus unhappy sexual desires added with aclohol are going to bring him way a lot more troubles than he was ever ready to face.