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19 April 22

"FingerBall" is an extra-simplified version of a football game with no players and goalkeepers- only a constantly moving ball that you need to send into your opponents gates and prevent from getting into yours by tapping on the playing field at the right time and place. Get more points at the end of the round and sexy blonde fangirl will reward you witha great striptease photoset!

Golf Girls

1 June 22

Even if you have always thought that the game of golf is pretty boring you still should try this game becase of the additional challenge and additional reward. As for the challenge part then you will need to send the golf ball by a precise hits trough the maze. As for the reward part then each time you will win the round you will witness a couple of sexy models having hot fun!

Upskirt Negotiations - Team Pep Rally

14 May 18

The language of this game is mostly japanese so if you are here for story, dialogs and interesting characters then... well, you could use some mastery of japanese language! But if you are her to see just how cute anime woman in basebal uniform is getting rid off this uniform then you are welcome! But first you will need to skip few dialogs anyway... To control the game you will need to thrust colored buttons that becomes active at certain moments of the game. At the beginning this woman will be preety shy so you will have to use all the opportunity you can to sneak peek under her short microskirt but as the game will progress not only you will be allowed to see at her panties freely - you will be allowed to take them off and have a individual training session with her!