Haunted House Porn Games

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Sensual Haunting

23 November 22

Meet Hans. Together with his wife Marin and their daughter Elizabeth they have just moved into the house of their dream... only to find out that this house is haunted! Well, Hans doesn't believe in any ghostsat all yet the events that are going to happen next might change his point of view after all. Another one problem is that this ghost is actually not as scary as it is flirty!

DD - Dangerous Delivery

7 May 23

When you get a delivery order from hto looking blonde chick you jump on your bike and push the pedals as hard as you can... and this is when you finally know that the delivery address is one old and creepy house and to get to it you have to get through the cemetary! Hot chick. Creepy cemetary. The choice is evident - just watchout the massive spiders, keep the cupcakes in a box and everything will be fine!