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Hot Wife Tara

17 March 22

This new interactive story from "Lesson of Passion" series will be about married couple of Tara and Harry. Being married for 12 years has obviosuly cooled down their sexual life a little so now they are into interesting experiments. For example on the upcoming birthday party Tara will be at the night club where Harry will join her pretending to be atotal stranger... but how this story will end depends on your decisions from now on since this game has several different endings!

Adrianne and Oliver

23 November 22

You will barely find more romance anywhere else than in the very beginning of a relations of couple that have just married. Yet as the time passes the excitement is getting replaced with boredom and it seems that Adriane and Oliver are not going to become of any exception from this rule. Or may be they will? Help them to open the world of erotic adventures and save their marriage!

Uncontrollable Lust

15 December 22

In Uncontrollable Lust, users will learn a story about a young man who wants to get close to as many charming ladies as he knows. Players have to direct the actions of their protege in order to achieve their goals. It will come out to set commands for the character, and then observe the consequences of their own choices and decisions made earlier that affect relationships and build high-quality communication with beauties.

Devoted Wife

16 December 22

A visual novel about a married couple. A devoted wife solves her husband's problems by having sex with strangers. As funny as it may sound, it is true. In this gameyou will find many erotic scenes where you will watch your character having sex with various strangers without knowing that they are strangers. The game begins with how you get to know the main character. She introduces herself as Lilith and tells you that she isa prostitute. You start a conversation with her, offering her your help.

From Darkness

30 December 22

Interactive sex horror in which there is debauchery and violence. The passage begins with the protagonist deciding to go to the abandoned apartment of the deceased grandfather. He came here to find an old family album. As soon as the central character gets to the apartment and enters it, paranormal phenomena begin to occur. A ghost lives in the darkness, which will release the guest under certain conditions. Let's start the adventure.

Kitsumi: The Cheating Wifey

3 April 21

Katsumi Reachman happens to be the wife of one rich and powerful businessman... and this fact actually makes her to want to fool around even more so when she gets the chance to fuck with the repairman who has come to their house in order to fix some troubels with TV cables you can be sure that this spoiled milf is not going to miss this opportunity... and especially when this repairman is you! So the choice is very simple here - if you are into hot looking and very slutty asian milfs then you should take this order and start doing your job so you could get the proper payment as soon as only possible. And if you are not into such things for some reasons then you can always find a lot of otehr sexy ladies to have fun with in many other games on our website!

Trailer trashed

8 April 21

The title doesn't lie to you - here you are going to see some trailer garbage damsel who is not waiting for her man and she is definitely not expecting him to get back from the working journey sooner than he planned. This poor dude was probably going to set a surprise for his hotty but instead he has found the surprise for himself... but what kind of surprise this is you will find out only in the event you wll observe this pretty short animated story till the end. There won't be any gameplay (well, except for pushing the embark button to begin the playback). And ofcourse if you are loving such short animations with both humor and intercourse then you should go to our website where you can always find more of them (as well as a good deal of real games in many unique genres ofcourse)!

Smash My Neighbor's Wife

16 April 21

Visiting your neighbor when he is not at home is a pretty solid chance to run into his wife. And when this wifey looks like buxom asian cutie who has not fucked for good in a very long time it will end up in... another one fun hentai game! But since she is not some strret hooker but your neigbor's wife first you will have to lure here. Try to be gentle and tell her what she wants to hear and sooner or later she will allow you to help her with... taking of her t-shirt and hooter-sling so you could concentrate all of your attention on her awesome globes instead of talking! Ofcourse this will be just a first minigame from a whole series that you and this unfaithful wifey have in plans for today... More pickup themed erotic games you can get on our website. Have fun!


5 May 21

The adventures of old friends Chris and Richardwill continue. This time Chris visiting his firnd's house and gets the opportunity to meet his familywhich consists of Richard's hot looking daughternamed Lola, his new wife Angelica and Lola's girflriend Evelyn whoalso happens to be there. From this set of characters you already can tell that Chris is definitely going to fuck at least one of them today! But may be he will be able to fuck two or may be all of them? If you really want to know the answer for this questionthen there is no other option for you than to start playing righthere and right now! By the way in case you get stuck during walkthrough just type in the word 'house' and get a hint on what you should do next (whenever it's available).

Hot Wifey Story

6 May 21

It is not a sceret that with time husband and wife might reconsider their roles in relationships and pretty often one of them won't be very happy with the role he or she has got. And that is exactly what happened with main characters of this interactive story from"Lesson of Passion" series Richard and Michelle. While Richard seems to be pretty succesfull businessman his wife seems to be still looking for her place in this world. And when she has finally found it it all is about to get ruined with one plain call - the problem unveils when Richard hires an escort lady.. Who turns out to be his wifey! But may be this is not the end of their relationship or even better - may be this will let them to make one big step forward together? Play the game to find out!

The Assistant

1 March 22

In this gameyou are going to play as a guy who finds himslef a job as a personal assistant. But before you will decide that this is quite boringyou should meet the family with whom you will be working with first! Besides the fact that they live in a fancy house located in a fancy part of townthere is something that might interest you much more- this family is a group of hot ladies so no matter do you prefer bossy milfs or you are into ladies who has recently hit the legal age and now eager for new experiences but you will find all of it here! Yet don't expect that you will get to the fun part soon and easy - the game includes the system of trust between yourself and other characters which will be affected by each and every choice that you will make.

Newlywed to Be

9 April 23

You are about to get married with the girl of your dreams (and since she is supposed to be the chosen one you will be allowed to customize some of her characteristics in the beginning of the story) yet the closer this special date is the more doubts begin to appear. And the visit of couple of friends doesn't seem helping as well. Will you go straight to your goal or will you allow the obstacles to ruin everything?


21 April 23

While for some couples living in a marriage for a long time is a blessing for others it is the time when the only thing that is growing is their doubts. Thsi visual novel i stold form the perspective of a partner who keeps asking himself about how ideal his choice was. This plus unhappy sexual desires added with aclohol are going to bring him way a lot more troubles than he was ever ready to face.

Personal Trainer

17 May 23

Cheating girlfriend and shitty job - often loosing both these things at the same time may finally push let you to rebuilding your life in a much better way. But before this will happen you will probably spend some time at your cousin's house feeling extra pity for yourself. Thankfully enough there is a special women-only gym nearby which actually can be the best therapy for you - getting into shape while fucking a whole bunch of fit ladies is absolutely a step forward! The only problem is to find the way to get inside...

Movie Night

7 June 23

In Movie Night, Louise, your girlfriend, and Holly, her younger sister, have invited you over to watch a film. While the movie is going on, Louise comes up with a seductive plan of her own. What would happen if Holly noticed you and Louise having a good time right next to her? Would she get so offended that she leaves, or maybe she would join the two of you in an exciting threesome? Of course, every guy dreams of having a three-way with his girlfriend's sister, and that's what might happen if everything works out.