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Con Quest – Fuck Pokemon Cosplayer

29 November 22

Con-Quest is an awesome looking femmes for all worshippers of adventures, cosplay, pokemosn and ofcourse aniamted erotic! But even if you are interested in only one of those aspects you should try this game anyway - most likely you will begin to like the other ones after that. The story starts with some undesirable things happening - some evil witch decided to take a pile of people under her bewitching posession and each of them turned out to become visitors of annual pokemon cosplay tradition! Nevertheless, it is good that there are people in this world who work for another one magic order - the one that supposed to prevent such things from happening... or at least to deal with them when they did. You and your accomplice are belong to this order too so it is up to you now to explore the halls of convention center to help everyone who needs help, to punch ass of everoynoe who desires their culos to be kneed... and to enjoy some hot looking cosplayers in very damaged costumes ofcourse!

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Potato wrote: 7 January 23


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