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Ankha Fuckfest Parody

29 November 22

You may know Ankha as quiet arrogant character from the very in demand videogame series"Animal Crossing" but even if you are hearing of her for the very first time there is what you ought to know - this promiscuous nekofurry will fuck everyone who she can receive her pawns on and today it is happened that you got in to her claws. From now on there is nothing you can than just let this egyptian queen (that's how she has positioned herself) to fuck out every last drop of love juices you have. There won't be any gameplay or any certain purpose - everything you can do is to see Ankha fucking your character again and again to make your man juice to squirt again and again! Nicely done graphic style and animation level in addition with different positions makes this manga porn parody worth to check at least once.

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sunndacum wrote: 21 January 23


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